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Scout’s mission is to be the most trusted seafood brand in North America while reducing food waste and protecting our oceans and waterways.

We Keep It Fresh & Clean

We don’t just love seafood, we respect the oceans and fragile ecosystems from which it comes. This means making ethical choices every step of the way, from supply chain and product sourcing to packaging.

Scout sources 100% of our seafood directly from regional fishing communities across Canada and the US. We only work with responsibly managed fisheries that prioritize the well being of workers and our environment. Fair wages, working conditions and a direct chain of custody from boat to shelf are just some of the building blocks we stand by to bring you responsible seafood. Learn more about how we’re helping to evolve the seafood industry.

Heritage Canning: Reimagined

Scout is the story of heritage canning reinterpreted by PEI-native, and award-winning Chef, Charlotte Langley. At Scout, canned seafood is about the craft of preservation, like charcuterie and cheese. In Europe, some of the best catch is sent to be preserved so it can be enjoyed year-round outside of harvest seasons and yes, seafood is seasonal.

We are bringing this tradition back to the North American table. Find out how Chef Charlotte went from hanging around St. George’s Wharf as a child to becoming one of North America’s leading seafood advocates.

Where To Find Scout

If you’re more of an in-person kind of shopper, no problem. Check out our store locator to find Scout in a store near you. Since you are heading out, you can pick up some items to pair with your Scout cans! Click here for recipe inspo.

Find Scout at Farm Boy in Ontario, SPUD in BC, or at your local specialty shops like bakeries, seafood markets and cheese shops.


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