30 Minute Lobster Paella

Paella is best known for its Spanish and seafood roots. The “Paella” translates to the special pan that is used to make the dish. For our 30 Minute Paella recipe, you can use any “Paella” that you have at home. The rice is what makes the dish hearty and holds the seafood together. Many enjoy using bomba rice which is a short grain rice similar to Arborio. I love how bomba toasts and crisps up in this dish. Introducing Scout's Canned Seafood Line to this Paella is a convenient way to make paella anytime with what you have on hand. In the recipe, I suggest you add the canned lobster, mussels, and our trout towards the end of the cooking time to stay warm and ensure tenderness. Pair with a full bodied red wine, such as a Baco Noir or a Cabernet Franc.