A letter from Chef Charlotte Re: Bon Appetit It’s Alive Episode

A letter from Chef Charlotte Re: Bon Appetit It’s Alive Episode

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To the Scout family of customers and partners -  

As a small team that is working hard to grow a responsible seafood brand, we were excited to be invited to speak with Bon Appetit on their It’s Alive segment that ran on January 28th. 

We were excited to participate and work with BA's team and platform to discuss the history and processes involved with preserving seafood. Unfortunately, there were some key safety measures that were recorded but which did not make the final edit. Your safety is our utmost priority when enjoying seafood at home and this segment missed that mark. Bon Appetit has removed the episode permanently to protect the community's safety; canning at home is a complex process that needs to follow these specific USDA and Health Canada guidelines. 

At Scout Canning, our products are made commercially in federally inspected and licensed facilities. Our products are made with great care by skilled professionals with full FDA and CFIA (Canadian Food and Inspection Agency) compliance. Our East Coast production partner is also BRC certified and has been in operation since 1955, while our West Coast production partner has been in operation since 1961. Our team at Scout spent four years developing our products before we launched commercially with production partners that have decades of experience in production and are leaders in both domestic and international food safety compliance. Food safety is at the core of our entire operation.  

We encourage you to visit the Bon Appetit Community Board on Youtube for their statement as well, available here. 

Our mission is to become North America's most trusted seafood brand. We appreciate everyone’s response, even the tough comments in a situation that was out of our control. We are sorry for the confusion the content may have caused and we have certainly learned from this. Our team will continue our work in developing responsible seafood products with the absolute safety and enjoyment of people and the environment as our top priority.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Chef Charlotte Langley 

If you tried to can seafood based on the content produced with BA, discard your resulting product. For more info on safely canning at home, please refer to the USDA's Complete Guide to Home Canning. The information is based on research conducted by the National Center for Home Food Preservation in cooperation with USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). Learn more about both here.

For more about safe food handling and preventing botulism, please consult the CDC resource here.



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